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About us

How it all began

The RECART brand was created by combining work and hobby. As fans of simracing and motorsport in general, we decided to build a racing simulator, which would be primarily intended for winter training of our go-kart racers. Due to the fact that our job is to manufacture machines and equipment within the family company, the choice fell on our own construction. After a year of inventing, manufacturing, improving, testing and further improving, we thought that our products could make someone else happy.


We use our many years of experience in the custom production of machines, especially for the automotive industry. Each product goes through a modeling process in CAD systems, to which production CNC machines are directly connected. Each hole or groove is exactly where it should be, each angle fits a tenth of a degree. In the end, our products go through a powder coating plant, which guarantees quality and durable painting. We use Trumpf machines for sheet metal preparation and processing.

Pavel Růt

Our Racing team

Tested on Humans!

We first test our products on ourselves. It helps us to transfer our own experience into production and effectively improve every detail. 

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